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anthony ward  12.09.2011 05:00
i have a 1/32 scale 1932 chevy cabriolet never touched.made by the box it came in.with the instruction sheet and the stickers.model#c291-50,and a revell 1911rolls-royce highway pioneers model#h-46:98.never open.want to sell both.trying to find out how much they are worth.both in mint no 205-396-6826

pjf  27.08.2011 20:03
A very good website. You should add a Facebook Like button to the website. I have a lot of models myself. They easily take up space in a short space of time.
Keep collecting......

scott catterson  24.08.2011 03:37
i forgot to mention the alfa model is 1/8 scale

scott catterson  24.08.2011 03:33
would you be interested in a pocher torino alfa romeo 2300 monza 1931 model not assembled still ,in the box . if so email me.

dps sisodia  20.05.2011 13:27
You have very interesting collection. Would you be interested in model of a car made from ivory in the early 1900s for an Indian Prince? You could send me a message on my email address.

Millard Fillmore  20.05.2011 11:04
this is a great web site

Trevor Liebenberg  09.05.2011 16:09
I was at your place, great collection

bibiki78  07.05.2011 10:24
Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

C. Chai  12.01.2011 06:44
I sent you email titled "Model car question". I need help with some additional information. Please read and give me a reply, thank you!

Your site is fantastic! It sheds light on less well-known manufacturers and definitely helps me enhance my collection in the way I want to!
Our comment: Thank you very much! I've sent you an answer.

Joe Monti Homepage  09.12.2010 21:03
I enjoyed viewing your collection. My dad died last year at the age of 94. His collection consisted of 4,000 models - mostly plastic kits that he built. Of the 4,000, approximately 1,000 were cars and trucks. I would be honored if you paid his website a visit. Thanks.
Our comment: Your father had a very impressive collection, thank you for sharing the link!

Mary  21.10.2010 10:27
Fantastic site...I like your site and amazing car. And amazing collection of cars and thanks for the information....and all the best!

Jean-Philippe Rossel Homepage  16.10.2010 00:22
Wouahh... magnifique!
Mais quel travail... félicitations!

Korean  07.10.2010 10:45
I sent you email. Please check it out!
Best regards
Our comment: I've received and answered it. Thank you very much!

Korean  27.09.2010 15:07
Nice website! I have some questions about Hyundai Pony police version. Could you please mail me?
Best regards

Frasse Homepage  26.05.2010 12:26
Nice place. many wonderful cars. Greatings from Sweden

dmaske  25.05.2010 15:57

Willy  22.03.2010 09:05
Thanks for your site

Astrid  22.03.2010 09:03
This site is very interessant!

Lerod  30.10.2009 07:44
Interesting site with a very clear focus. You managed to pool together informations that I wouldn't even have thought of!

Y.  26.10.2009 16:41
Great Site, A mine of information!!
Has anyone else noticed that the licence plate on IXO's Wartburg 353 (IST 014-Red 1985 model) is wrong?
Its plate starts with 2 letters, which is up to 1976. BUT from some time in 1976 DDR licence plates changed to 3 letters!
Best Wishes. Y.

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