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Brekina was founded in Umkirch (Southern Germany) in 1979 and started production of detailed 1/87th scale plastic models of classic cars in the following year. Their first model was a 1930s Opel P4 car, but soon the company focused on cars, trucks and buses from the 1950s to the 1970s. In the meantime the company has become one of the major manufacturers of 1/87th scale models, and their products have become more and more detailed. The most successful models so far were the VW buses and vans which have been released in many different liveries, but the truck models are also very popular.

Model manufacturer: Brekina

  CitroŽn DS Break
Swiss police (Ticino); France 1967
Brekina (Germany), article no. 14212
plastic, scale 1:87; acquired 2014
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  VW T2b Kombi
red/white; Germany 1972
Brekina (Germany), article no. 33051
plastic, scale 1:87; acquired 2007
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