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Cursor is the brand name used for the models made by Renner, a German manufacturer of promotional items for industrial companies. In the 1960s Cursor produced 1/25th scale tractor models and 1/40th scale plastic models of VW cars in the style of the earlier detailed promotional models made by Wiking. Later Cursor mainly collaborated with Mercedes-Benz and released contemporary and classic cars in 1/35th and 1/43rd scale, as well as trucks, buses and special-purpose vehicles in various scales from 1/25th to 1/70th. The models were either made of diecast or of plastic. Since the 1990s Cursor has concentrated on diecast models of commercial vehicles.

Model manufacturer: Cursor

  Gräf & Stift 40/45 HP
dark green, emperor's car; Austria 1913
Cursor (Germany), article no. 189
diecast, scale 1:35; acquired 2010
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  Hanomag-Henschel Transporter
blue; Germany 1969
Cursor (Germany), article no. 970
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2013
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