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HB Model is a Czech manufacturer of handbuilt resin model buses in 1/43rd and 1/87th scale. Apart from several Eastern European prototypes, the company focuses on classic buses from Western Europe. Buses operated by Dutch bus companies are an important part of the production, but HB Model has also released vehicles from Germany, Austria and other countries, and notably a wide range of Swiss buses by Saurer, FBW and Berna. The Swiss buses are usually available in the livery of the Swiss postal service, but models in the liveries of various regional bus companies have been commissioned and are distributed by the Swiss manufacturer All Swiss Models in very limited numbers.

Model manufacturer: HB Model

  FBW CA40
bus GFM Fribourg; Switzerland 1960
HB Model (Czech Republic)
resin, scale 1:87; acquired 2015
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  NAW BH4 Hess
Swiss Post bus, Grisons; Switzerland 1985
HB Model (Czech Republic), article no. HB-031-2
resin, scale 1:87; acquired 2017
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