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Y.  26.10.2009 16:41
Great Site, A mine of information!!
Has anyone else noticed that the licence plate on IXO's Wartburg 353 (IST 014-Red 1985 model) is wrong?
Its plate starts with 2 letters, which is up to 1976. BUT from some time in 1976 DDR licence plates changed to 3 letters!
Best Wishes. Y.

Farhad  26.10.2009 10:10
Respected Collector,
I am from Iran .Your site is a fantastic and vauable source of information. Excellent work. I had been looking to build up my collection of model cars and your site has provided some great and innovative ideas.
Thanks and best wishes

kitt94  26.01.2009 23:42
oh sorry, I noticed that you're from Switzerland ;)

kitt94  26.01.2009 23:39
I'am from Poland, so at first I want to apolgize for my english, if i write something wrong etc. ;) refer to country where i come from, i'am really happy that someone from USA (i guess :) if i'am wrong correct me) got models of polish cars. My collection is about 350 models too (mainly in 1/18th scale)

Farrukh Karamat  17.10.2008 18:54
Your site is a fantastic source of information. Excellent work. I had been looking to build up my collection of cars and your site has provided some great ideas. Thanks

Basbug Samancioglu  25.08.2008 22:09
Congratulations on this really professional and competent job of presenting your valuable collection.

Shane Nassif  25.08.2008 16:18
Very nice site, i have taken over my dads collection, there are about 12000 pieces in the collection, you have given me some great ideas, thanks

Mark Abramowitz Homepage  21.07.2008 22:59
Great website

Francisco  31.03.2008 02:09
The collection is very nice, i collect scale cars too, and i have some exotic models made in Mexico. im sure, you never seen or known about this wellmade models ( some manufactured under licenses) if you are interested contact me. regards from MEXICO. - owner Homepage  06.03.2008 07:33
I saw you have at least 2 Bulgarian models. You can take a look at - it is a reference site for all Matchbox, Gama, Schuco models made in Bulgaria.
You have done a lot of good work!

John Howard  02.02.2008 13:44
Lovely Collection which I happened on by good luck. I am compiling a list of models of all scales only of cars and pick ups (just for the heck of it) and your collection has added more than a couple to that list. My own collection now is in excess of 7600 models but there were more than a few in yours I would be very happy to have in mine. Keep collecting!

Jay  09.12.2007 01:43
I am trying to remember a brand of toy car I was infatuated with during my childhood. I looked through your list of car manufacturers and didn't recognize the brand as being in your list. I had quite a collection that disappeared over time and before I could realize their value and meaning. The cars were of superior quality and bought at a specialty toy store. The fairly sure the manufacturers name started with an "L" and seemed (in my mind) to have probably been of British origin. Among the cars I had was a Batmobile and a 007 Aston Martin with ejection seat and a bullet proof shield that popped up from the trunk area when a button was pushed. Any ideas on who made these cars? Thank you.
Our comment: Both models were released as diecast models in about 1/43rd scale by Corgi, but that name doesn't start with an "L". For various Batmobiles, see ; For the Corgi Aston Martins, have a look at the following pages:

Tripoux Homepage  06.10.2007 15:18
Please visit my new website, dedicated to french kiosque carmodels.

abhishek  07.09.2007 15:42
please visit my weblink
To see a glimpse of my collection....Can i know from where can i get those exotic antique models like..Cugnot steam engines...etc please let me know
Our comment: The steam engines by Brumm are now obsolete, but they sometimes turn up at swapmeets, online auctions or shops specialized in obsolete model cars. For the last-mentioned source, check my links page.

Abhishek Kaul Homepage  06.08.2007 12:44
simply great..Hats off to your collection, well I too collect diecast models.But my collection includes all scales...and todate i have about 2000 different scaled replicas.Out of which i have put some of the photos in my web album....your suggestions and comments are welcome

Fernando  14.05.2007 00:44
Congratulations is really a great site. I learned many things about models and manufaturers. Thank you very much.
A little contribution: Verbiest model (Brumm x6) is 1/6 scale (no 1/43) It was not a real vehicle. Only a toy for demonstration for China emperor.

nick  13.05.2007 00:33
hi great site i am searching for information brochure or book on denzil skinner models/tanks of all nations would be kindly grateful if anyone has any info on these models thanks nick my email is above if you can help.

quitecnica Homepage  22.04.2007 18:19
To contact our model car shop in Lisbon, Portugal
have a look at . Our shop is small but has the best stock in the country and we and our customers speak a lot of languages.

quitecnica Homepage  22.04.2007 18:15
Congratulations on your excellent page. You are the best! By the way, if you ever come to Portugal, our QUITECNICA model car shop is the best in Lisbon. All Portuguese and foreign major collectors have their meeting-point there. Please inform everybody and keep improving your wonderful site.

Gamini  31.03.2007 12:24
Great site for the collector!

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