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Harvey Haines  09.10.2003 21:50
I have a Jaguar XJ220 gold plated model boxed in green with certificate..Beautiful car and in beautiful condition.. My question is: I am willing to auction this model on ebay can you advise me on what it's worth.

Jose Delgado Homepage  07.10.2003 04:42
I have some shaback 1/43 models: GolfII, Jetta II , jetta III , Corrado and JettaIV
By Minichamps, I want a vw jetta I. Send me the comment to my e-mail.I collecting vw watercooler models, ˇVW Power! Homepage  06.09.2003 15:37
Nice site! You should check out They have, car covers, classic car covers, car bras, classic car bras dash mats, tonneau covers , seat covers, tire covers, floor mats and many other auto accessories and products at excellent prices. I think it would be good to add this link to your site. Butch M. Waingro

enrique  16.08.2003 16:27
en donde puedo conseguir un jetta modelo del 90 hacia delante.

chinedu  13.08.2003 22:28
I love this site

Larkin  13.08.2003 04:10
Brilliant collection

Isa Beck  13.08.2003 04:10
Brilliant collection

L. Rivera  25.07.2003 00:34
Wow! What a collection you have! Thank you for sharing it via Internet. I only recently began collecting die cast model cars. I have many many more buys and dollars to spend before entering your league. At present, I only have 38 cars. Blessings!

J. Jona Schellekens  24.07.2003 21:35
Nice site! Here is what I know of the history of Israeli diecast toy cars: The first Israeli diecast cars were made in a kibbutz by the name of Kfar Hanassi and marketed under the name Gamda. I have seen a Willys jeep in 1:43 scale and a bus of the early 1960s and an Israeli Army ambulance of the 1950s in a much smaller scale. Kfar Hanassi received early discarded moulds from England. This information was received from the sales manager of the Kibbutz in the seventies. Lone Star moulds were also sold to Gamda. Later Gamda was taken over by an Israeli concern called Koor, which was owned by the Histadrut, the Israeli trade union. The new company was called Koor Gamda and a new series was introduced consisting of models of American cars of 1964-67 marketed under the name of Sabra. The Sabra series included one European car: the Beetle. There were 24 models in the series numbered from 8100 to 8123. In the late sixties the Sabra series from Israel was marketed as Cragstan. The numbering system of the Sabra’s was left unchanged. But the models are exactly the same and carry the same number. Cragstan is a New York based toy marketing and distribution firm founded in the 1950s which specialized in importing mechanical and battery-operated toys from postwar Japan. Cragstan was likely the creation of toy industry veterans. The name Cragstan is believed to be a combined name of the names of the two company’s owners. Cragstan appears to have operated from the late 1950s through the late 1960s. For more information see Andrew G. Ralston, Model Cars from Israel: A History of Gamda, Sabra and Detroit Seniors.
Our comment: Thank you very much for the interesting information!

GUYMAN  23.07.2003 20:28

Naveen  15.07.2003 00:49
I'm a collector from America I have a Burago 1/18 scale Mercedes 300 SL for sale. It's in perfect condition, w/ original package. if anybody is interested please mail me at; 48823 Gamay Drive Fremont, CA USA 94539 (Dont have an email address, just made one up so I could sign the guestbook and advertise my car)

ana  07.07.2003 19:44
poze cu gip hundai 2003

richard  02.07.2003 21:10
i am a collector form south africa. i collect 1:18 scale BMW models . if anyone has any info on where i can get good bmw models please let me know.thanks.great site!!!

Brandon  30.06.2003 20:44

Heng ZHANG  20.06.2003 09:37
Hi there, you've got a great site. I'm a fellow collector from China. Things have changed a lot here, you can find a lot of diecasts copied cars that originated from China or joint venture. e.g. Mazda M6, Nissan bluebird, sunny, Audi A6/passat, Jeep and so on. The only self-owned famous brand is Hongqi (Jiefang or FAW), which has some co-operation with German Audi in car section. But their truks are really 'self-owned'. So does Dongfeng (Aeolus). Ok, great site, great owner and great fans.

IGWE KELLY  13.06.2003 10:14

Pedro  14.05.2003 06:27
compro coches a escala de preferencia 1/18 cualquier marca y modelo, contactame:( o

FERNANDO  12.05.2003 12:32

mark bird Homepage  25.03.2003 12:01
Hi there, l am desperately looking for a brekina wholesaler? can anyone help me, as l only sell aircooled vws

tonybose Homepage  25.01.2003 01:19
Was looking for a 1:18 BMW M3. Hard to find sometimes. Great site.

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