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AGM was a British manufacturer of handbuilt models. The company was founded by Geoff Moorhouse (A.G. Moorhouse) from Daventry, who had previously worked for Dinky Toys and Corgi on the design of diecast model cars, in 1979. The range consisted of two cars in 1/43rd scale: a 1948 DeSoto Suburban modelled in various versions including a taxi, police car, fire and ambulance cars, and a hearse, as well as a 1954 Bristol 450 Le Mans racing car. The models were originally made of resin, but later cast in white metal and reissued with slight modifications in the Sun Motor Company range by Modelauto, a model car shop in Leeds, in 1983. Geoff provided some more masters for models in this range, including a Humber Super Snipe and a Ford Mustang, but he soon focused on commercial vehicles and developed a range of 1/50th scale white metal trucks called "Heavy Goods". These models were usually sold as kits and were still available from the manufacturer in the 2000s.

DeSoto Suburban
New York taxi; USA 1948
AGM (United Kingdom), no. 3
white metal, scale 1:43; acquired 2021
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