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Shortly after World War II, the Artur Hammer company in Lüdenscheid started producing cheap articles that were packaged as promotional items in oatmeal or detergents. The production of plastic model cars in smaller scales for toy shops began soon afterwards. These models were cheaper than those by the competitors Wiking and Siku, but could not compete with them in quality. The first series from the early 1950s was approximately 1/80th scale and had glazing, but no floor panels or interior fittings. Until the 1970s, further series followed with somewhat larger and also very simple cars and trucks, as well as coaches and articulated buses in approximate 1/87th scale. The moulds of the last models, a VW T2 as a bus or transporter, as well as several other contemporary cars in 1/50th to 1/60th scale, were transferred to the Jean Höfler company in Fürth, which continued to produce these models under the brand name of Jean.

VW T2a Transporter
van "Aral"; Germany 1967
Artur Hammer (Germany)
plastic, scale 1:52; acquired 2022
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