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The first Autosculpt miniatures appeared in 1993 and were handbuilt in Sheffield, England. They were cast of resin, to which aluminium powder was added. After polishing, the models were dipped in thin matt black paint and the excess wiped off, to highlight the details. The final products thus have a pewter-like appearance. They come on a socle with felt underside. The models are made in different scales - 1/32nd, 1/43rd and 1/92nd - and the very diverse range comprises British and other European cars from various decades. Most models were commissioned by clubs or dealers. Sometimes existing diecast models served as a base for an Autosculpt miniature, but usually the models were original designs. Hence, the range includes many cars which had not been modelled by major manufacturers before.

MG Maestro
United Kingdom 1985
Autosculpt (United Kingdom), no. 06MG
resin, scale 1:43; acquired 2018
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