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In 1959, the Dutch government set up a model car factory in Heerlen, in the southern Limburg province, in order to create jobs for disabled miners. The models were originally marketed under the Best Box name. In 1971, the company changed its name into Efsi. The new name referred to the Fund for Social Institutions (Fonds voor Sociale Instellingen, FSI) that backed the workshop. Best Box and later Efsi produced small scale diecast models of road and racing cars, vans and trucks similar to contemporary Matchbox and Siku products, but slightly smaller. In addition to contemporary vehicles, a 1919 Ford T was released in many different versions and produced until the 1980s. 1/87th scale trucks and buses were added to the range in the 1980s. When the disabled miner programme was discontinued and the factory closed down around 1988, the production of the 1/87th scale models was taken over by Holland Oto.

Brabham BT19
green, race number 2; United Kingdom 1966
Best Box (Netherlands), no. 2518
diecast, scale 1:66; acquired 2019
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