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The first Budgie models were introduced in the early 1960s. The manufacturer was based in London and made diecast models in 1/43rd scale and smaller. These models were rather simple, for instance they had no interior detail. Some of the models were made until the 1980s: a 1/43rd scale London taxi, a 1/50th scale Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and a 1/76th scale AEC Routemaster double decker which was also sold in large numbers at London souvenir shops. Until 1966, the Budgie range was owned by the Morestone company, which had already manufactured and distributed toy cars since the 1940s, later by a company called H. Seener Ltd. After 1984, Seener continued to produce the models in slightly altered form under the Seerol name at the Corgi factory in Swansea until the late 1990s. Later the model car shop Promod manufactured re-editions of several older Budgie models by using the original moulds.

AEC Routemaster
bus "London Transport"; United Kingdom 1958
Budgie (United Kingdom), no. 236
diecast, scale 1:76; acquired 2005
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Wolseley 6/80
British police; United Kingdom 1948
Budgie (United Kingdom), no. 246
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2013
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