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The first Budgie models were introduced in the early 1960s. The manufacturer was based in London and made diecast models in 1/43rd scale and smaller. These models were rather simple, for instance they had no interior detail. Some of the models were made until the 1980s: a 1/43rd scale London taxi, a 1/55th scale Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and a 1/76th scale AEC Routemaster double decker which was also sold in large numbers at London souvenir shops. Until 1966, the Budgie range was owned by Morestone Models, later by a company called H. Seener Ltd. After 1985 Seener continued to produce the models in slightly altered form under the "Seerol" name until the late 1990s.

Model manufacturer: Budgie

  AEC Routemaster
bus "London Transport"; United Kingdom 1958
Budgie (United Kingdom), article no. 236
diecast, scale 1:76; acquired 2005
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  Wolseley 6/80
British police; United Kingdom 1948
Budgie (United Kingdom), article no. 246
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2013
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