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The German company Darda started producing diecast toy cars in about 1/60th scale in 1971. Their distinctive feature is the strong wind-up motor invented by Helmut Darda, the founder of the company. Darda models can run on any surface but have been designed for a special race track system. When wound up, they reach a top speed of about 16 km/h (which would correspond to 960 km/h in real size) and are fast enough to run through several loopings on these tracks. The best-known models are VW Buggies, but a wide range of other cars, trucks and off-road vehicles have also been released. From the mid-1970s, the models were made at the Darda headquarters in Blumberg in the Black Forest region. In 1993, Darda was sold to the American model railroad and slot car manufacturer Life-Like, and production was moved to China. More recent models have plastic instead of diecast metal bodies.

Meyers Manx Buggy
red, open, "Bosch"; USA 1970
Darda (Germany), no. 1280-0W5
diecast, scale 1:60; acquired 2018
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