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Besides diecast model cars and plastic model kits marketed under its own name, the Japanese company Eidai Grip also produced a series of commercial vehicles called Grip Zechin in the mid-1970s. The range consisted of special-bodied trucks (cranes, sewage trucks, vacuum cars, airport vehicles), fire engines, articulated trucks, buses and construction vehicles in various scales between 1/50th and 1/140th, but a 1/42nd scale Mitsubishi Jeep and a Yamaha police motorbike with sidecar in 1/27th scale were also released. The models are made of diecast and feature movable parts. In 1980, the models were reissued under the name of "World Zechin", but production already ceased in the following year.

Isuzu Elf
lift box, "Flight Foods Tokyo"; Japan 1968
Grip Zechin (Japan), no. 20
diecast, scale 1:62; acquired 2014
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