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Heller is a French manufacturer of plastic scale model kits. The company was founded by Leo Jahiel in Paris in 1957, originally as a retailer for plastic kits. In the early 1960s a production facility was established in Trun, Normandie. The range included numerous model cars and trucks, e.g. CitroŽn 15 CV and DS Cabriolet in 1/8th scale, contemporary and historic cars and trucks in 1/24th scale and detailed road and racing cars in 1/43rd scale. Humbrol, a British company specialized in model paints, acquired Heller in 1981, and in 1986 the British kit maker Airfix joined the group. In 2006 Heller went into administration.

Model manufacturer: Heller

  Peugeot 905
Le Mans, race number 5, Baldi/Alliot/Jabouille; France 1991
Heller (France), article no. 80110
plastic, scale 1:43; acquired 1993
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