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High Speed is based in Hong Kong and has been in the model car business since the 1980s. Around the year 2000, the company started to market a range of inexpensive, but well detailed model cars in 1/43rd, 1/64th and 1/87th scale under its own name. This range includes, among others, many models of sports cars and racing touring cars. But High Speed also produces models from the same castings for other manufacturers such as Schuco (for the "Junior Line" series) and Solido, for model car distributors such as Oliex in France or for partwork publishers such as De Agostini.

Porsche 911 S
yellow, 25th FMAF swapmeet; Germany 1971
High Speed (China), no. 09198
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2009
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