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The origins of the Holgate Toys company date back to 1789, when Cornelius Holgate began manufacturing wooden articles for homes, farms and factories in Roxborough, Pennsylvania. Four generations later, after the Civil War, the family moved the business to Kane to be near the vast hardwood forests in north central Pennsylvania. Since 1929, the company has specialized into wooden preschool toys. Many wooden vehicle models have been made during the following decades. Most of them are generic, but some are recognizable as reproductions of real vehicles, e.g. a bus used by Bill Clinton and Al Gore for their presidential election campaign in 1992, and various Jeep models. Holgate Toys is still in business and now based in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

US presidential election campaign bus, Clinton/Gore; USA 1992
Holgate Toys (USA)
wood, scale 1:64; acquired 2018
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