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Since the 1990s IDP (Irish Decal Products), a company based in Dublin, has specialized in marketing diecast models of Irish buses, vans, police cars and fire engines, along with other souvenirs from Ireland. At first a range called "Shamrock" was released, based on models of vintage vehicles made by Lledo from England. Later several bigger models in 1/36th to 1/50th scale were introduced by IDP in the series "The Irish Model Collection". These models are made in China, from the same moulds as the Redbox models. Furthermore, IDP distributes other Lledo and Corgi models of vehicles as used in Ireland, and since 2009, 1/50th scale models of articulated lorries, made by Lion Toys, have been released in the "Trucks of Ireland" series.

Model manufacturer: IDP

  Land Rover Discovery
Irish police; United Kingdom 1995
IDP (China), article no. 61054
diecast, scale 1:36; acquired 2005
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