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INGAP (an acronym for "Industria Nazionale Giocattoli Automatici Padova") was founded in Padua in 1919. The company soon became the leading Italian manufacturer of tin toys. By the end of the 1930s, it employed about 600 people and manufactured 400 different products, including numerous car models. After World War II, INGAP developed remote-controlled cars in the early 1950s, gradually replaced tin by plastic, and introduced plastic models of cars in various scales. There was notably a series of classic and contemporary Fiat cars in 1/32nd scale and bigger made for Achille Brioschi & C., a producer of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and effervescent powder and tablets, in the early 1960s. Production of INGAP models ceased in the early 1970s.

Fiat 521
light green/black; Italy 1928
INGAP (Italy), no. 701E
plastic, scale 1:32; acquired 2021
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