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Inno Models is a Chinese manufacturer of detailed 1/18th scale resin models and 1/64th scale diecast models. The company was established in 2017 and focuses on Japanese sports and racing cars. The first model in 1/18th scale was a Honda Accord as run in the Japanese Touring Car Championship in 1996 and 1997. In 1/64th scale, Inno Models first released a 1988 and a 1994 Honda Civic in various sporty street and racing versions. While the racing cars feature fine printings, some of the road cars come with additional decal sheets and sometimes replacement wheels, which allow the owner to customize his models according to existing prototypes. The range is now continuously extended.

Honda Civic Ferio
Macau Guia Race, race number 95, Team Spoon; Japan 1995
Inno Models (China), no. IN64-EG9-SP95
diecast, scale 1:64; acquired 2019
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