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From 1970 onwards, Jean was the brand name for cheap plastic toys made by the Jean Höfler company in Fürth. This company had already been founded in 1923 by the brothers Johann, Georg and Leonhard Höfler in order to produce tin toys and metal goods. In the 1930s, Johann Höfler founded another company under his own name. This company came back under Jean Höfler's control in 1953, and in 1962 the BIG brand emerged from it, whose best-known product became the ":Bobby-Car" children's vehicle. In parallel, Jean Höfler manufactured plastic figurines, toy cars and dollhouse furniture from the 1950s onwards. Among other products, model cars in 1/50th to 1/60th scale previously made by Artur Hammer from Lüdenscheid continued to be produced under the Jean name in the 1970s: VW T2, Audi 100, BMW 2000, Ford 20M, Mercedes-Benz 250 SE, and others. These models are very simple, their proportions are not always accurate, and they are made of plastic in vivid colours. After the year 2000, the Jean brand lost its independence and became a BIG product line.

Ford 20M
light blue; Germany 1968
Jean (Germany)
plastic, scale 1:60; acquired 2022
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