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The Spanish company Joal was founded by José Boronat Bernabeu and Alejandro Beltrá in Ibi (Alicante) in 1949 and originally produced metal toys and locksmith accessories, but soon specialized in manufacturing diecast model vehicles in various scales. A range of 1/43rd scale model cars was introduced in the 1960s. This range consisted of models developed by the company itself as well as some items based on products of other manufacturers such as Norev and Tekno. Models of commercial vehicles were also available. From the 1980s, Joal was specialized in construction and agricultural vehicles, trucks and buses mostly made in 1/50th, but partly also in 1/25th, 1/32nd, 1/35th and 1/87th scale. Production ceased in 2015.

Pegaso Comet
fuel tanker "Campsa"; Spain 1965
Joal (Spain), no. 209
diecast, scale 1:50; acquired 2009
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Renault R10
white; France 1966
Joal (Spain), no. 104
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2010
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