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Jouef was a French toy manufacturer founded in Champagnole in the French Jura region in 1944. The company was mainly known for model railroads, but in the 1960s and 1970s, they also produced slot cars and several plastic models. In 1990, Jouef introduced a series of diecast models in 1/18th, 1/24th and 1/43rd scale. The range originally comprised several Ferrari cars (288 GTO Evoluzione, 330 P4, 250 GTO '64) that were highly detailed and featured opening parts in all available scales. Sports cars of other brands were later also added to the range, as well as a series of less expensive 1/43rd scale models without opening parts. While the model trains were still made in France at that time, the diecast models were all manufactured in China. They were discontinued in 1996, but the company Universal Hobbies took over the moulds and continued production under the names of Eagle's Race and later Eagle Collectibles. The factory in Champagnole closed down in 2001; however, the Jouef brand name was revived some years later for model trains made by the British Hornby group.

Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione
red; Italy 1986
Jouef (China), no. 300000
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2019
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