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Keil Kraft from Wickford in Essex, England, was a well-known manufacturer of model planes made of balsa wood. In the 1960s the company also started producing plastic model kits. Besides model planes, Keil Kraft introduced a series of simple 1/72nd scale models of commercial vehicles. The range included steam lorries, road rollers and traction engines from the early 20th century, classic trams, buses and vans and a choice of contemporary articulated trucks. In the 1980s the modern trucks were re-issued by ScanKit from Denmark. Production of the original Keil Kraft kits ceased in the 1990s.

Thornycroft 1 1/2 Ton Parcel Van
"Great Western Railways"; United Kingdom 1925
Keil Kraft (United Kingdom), no. K309
plastic, scale 1:72; acquired 1993
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