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Kibi, a toy manufacturer from Greece, made several plastic model cars in rather big scales in the 1970s and 1980s, which were copies of products originally released by other companies, mostly from Germany. Besides various Mercedes-Benz and Porsche cars, as well as a Neoplan bus, two friction-powered Opel GT models were among these, one in 1/32nd scale, which was a copy of a Gama slot car, and a model of the Opel Aero GT prototype in 1/12th scale originally made by Rex from Germany. These models were available in various colours and liveries. Furthermore, Kibi also made copies of small models with plastic bodies and metal bases originally released by Faller of Germany in their "Hit Car" series.

Opel Aero GT
red; Germany 1969
Kibi (Greece), no. 301-2
plastic, scale 1:12; acquired 2020
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Opel GT
black; Germany 1969
Kibi (Greece)
plastic, scale 1:32; acquired 2007
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