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Lone Star was the toy division of the London-based company Die Casting Machine Tools Ltd. (DCMT), established in 1939. A range of Western-style toy pistols and rifles was introduced in 1949, and in 1956, the company entered the diecast model car market with the "Roadmasters" series. Most of these 1/50th scale models were of American designs, but among others, a London taxi, a Rolls-Royce and a CitroŽn DS were also part of the range. In 1966, Lone Star introduced the "Impy" series of cars and commercial vehicles in various slightly smaller scales, but better detailed, i.e. with jewelled headlights and opening parts. Another series called "Flyers" was released in 1968 as Lone Star's answer to Mattel's Hot Wheels and the Matchbox "Superfast" series, and "Tuf Tots" was a range of simple toy cars in about 1/87th scale introduced in 1969. Production of diecast toy cars continued until the company closed down in 1988, but the models were more and more simplified.

Model manufacturer: Lone Star

  Ford Corsair
red metallic; United Kingdom 1965
Lone Star (United Kingdom), article no. 18
diecast, scale 1:58; acquired 2015
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  Ford Sunliner
white, open; USA 1960
Lone Star (United Kingdom), article no. 1473
diecast, scale 1:50; acquired 2012
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