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Make Up was founded by Hideyuki Uemoto in Tokyo in 1978 as an importer of miniature cars. In 1987, the Japanese company started producing highly detailed handbuilt models of sports and racing cars, which were available in kit form and ready-made. Factory-built resin models in 1/43rd scale have been released in the "Eidolon" range since the mid-2000s. 1/18th scale models have also been added to the range, and the "Titan 64" range featuring highly detailed 1/64th scale resin models on a leather base in a classy packaging was introduced in 2020. The factory-built models are now made in China.

Porsche Singer 911 (964) Coupé
grey; USA 2012
Make Up (China), no. TM001B
resin, scale 1:64; acquired 2020
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