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Metalcar was a Hungarian manufacturer of diecast model cars that came into business in the mid-1980s. The company produced good quality but illegal copies of models by Western European manufacturers such as Matchbox (Atlas truck, Hondarora motorbike, Porsche 928, and various bigger models from the "Super Kings" series: Audi Quattro, BMW 750iL, Dodge van, Surtees F1), Siku (Mercedes-Benz 190 E and 208D van), Corgi (VW Polo), Norev (Ligier JS2), Guisval (Opel Kadett), and even two Bburago copies in 1/24th scale (Ford Mustang, Jeep Renegade). Production ceased in the early 1990s when the market was opened and the Hungarian-made toys were no longer competitive with cheap Chinese imports.

BMW 750iL
black; Germany 1987
Metalcar (Hungary), no. K-147
diecast, scale 1:36; acquired 2018
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