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Morelia, a toy company from Uruguay, manufactured several plastic model cars in the 1970s and 1980s. Besides toy cars in rather big scales, e.g. a Lancia Stratos, Morelia also released a range called "Old Cars Collection" consisting of vintage cars in about 1/43rd scale. Most of these models were re-editions of Italian Politoys models from the 1960s, but there were also some simple copies of classic cars also modelled by Dugu or Rio. They were also available in kit form under the brand name "ArmaAuto", and these kits were used as promotional items by Pepsi Cola Uruguay in the late 1980s.

Model manufacturer: Morelia

  Itala Palombella
green/black; Italy 1909
Morelia (Uruguay), article no. 13
plastic, scale 1:45; acquired 2007
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