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The Swedish company Motorart was founded in Gothenburg in 1974 and started selling and distributing model cars. The first 1/43rd scale diecast models marketed under the company's own name were made in China by Hongwell Cararama and introduced in 2003. The product range grew rapidly and soon consisted of a quite large number of well detailed 1/43rd scale models of contemporary Volvos, Saabs and Opels, which were not only available at toy and model shops, but also sold as promotional items by the car manufacturers. Furthermore, Motorart manufactures Volvo car models in 1/18th, 1/24th and 1/72nd scale, as well as commercial and construction vehicles in 1/50th and 1/87th scale, in the latter scale notably buses made in cooperation with Holland Oto. Models commissioned by other companies and organizations are also produced, e.g. a series of 1/76th scale post office vehicles for the Finnish postal service, which was started in 2006.

Kalmar Tjorven 411
Finnish postal service; Sweden 1970
Motorart (China), no. posti6
diecast, scale 1:76; acquired 2013
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Opel Ampera
red metallic; Germany 2011
Motorart (China), no. 4300862
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2014
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Vanaja VLB-47/5900
post bus, Finnish postal service; Finland 1966
Motorart (China), no. posti7
diecast, scale 1:76; acquired 2013
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