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From 1955 onwards, the ironworks in Pohorel√° in Slovakia manufactured tinplate and plastic toys under the names of Tatrasmalt, Strojsmalt and Omnia, in addition to various other products such as household articles and packaging. For the Czechoslovak market, the Tatrasmalt name was used until 1966 and then replaced by Strojsmalt. Omnia was the brand name for toys destined for export. The first toys were buckets and tools for little gardeners, but soon mechanical toys with clockwork, flywheel drive or battery operation were added to the range. In addition to generic cars, trucks and construction vehicles with non-specified originals, replicas of real vehicles were also produced: Skoda 1200 and 1000 MB, Skoda 706 RTO buses, and various versions of the Tatra 137 and 805 trucks. Toy production was gradually reduced from the mid-1970s onwards and completely discontinued in 1980.

Skoda 1000 MB
red; Czech Republic 1964
Omnia (Slovakia)
plastic, scale 1:28; acquired 2022
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