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Onyx was the brand name used by the Portuguese Vitesse group for their diecast models of contemporary racing cars. The first Formula 1 cars in 1/43rd scale by Onyx appeared in 1988, and in the following years the company modelled all cars of the major Formula 1 teams and also several cars of smaller teams. All models were authentically decorated, and the quality still improved in the course of time. Already in the late 1980s, Onyx also diversified into 1/43rd scale Le Mans and Indy Car series racing cars, and later 1/24th scale Formula 1 cars and 1/43rd scale touring cars were also added to the range. Production ceased when Vitesse went bankrupt in 2001.

Williams FW13B
race number 5, T. Boutsen; United Kingdom 1990
Onyx (Portugal), no. 085
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 1993
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