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Otol Models was founded in early 2020 by Maziyar Derafsh and Mohammad Reza Darvish with the aim of producing 1/43rd scale resin models of classic cars related to Iran. It is the first manufacturer of detailed model cars for the collectors’ market with Iranian investment, design and development. The company is based in Turkey, and production is located in China. The first model of the brand was released in autumn 2020: a 1967 Hillman Hunter, the base for the Paykan subsequently built in Iran for almost four decades. Both English and Iranian versions of this car were reproduced in various colours, but always labelled as "Hillman Hunter". Each variant was limited to 200 items. The finish is similar to the Hillman Hunter in 1/43rd scale made by Silas Models, but the Otol Models version differs in many details. The second model in the range to be released was a Nissan Patrol in various colour variants.

Hillman Hunter
dark red (Paykan); Iran 1967
Otol Models (China), no. OM-HH67DR
resin, scale 1:43; acquired 2021
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