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In the early 1980s, the Argentinean toy company Plastirama became known for its versions of action figurines made by US manufacturers, namely "G.I. Joe" by Hasbro and "Masters of the Universe" by Mattel. Figurines from the animated TV series "The Flintstones" were also available. Furthermore, like BASA in Peru, Plastirama also produced toy cars from the "T-zzzers" series by Kenner. These were plastic models in about 1/40th scale featuring a big drive wheel in the inside, which can be revved up with a kind of plastic ripcord. Besides some fantasy cars, several contemporary American sports cars were represented in this series: Chevrolet Corvette and Monza, Ford Mustang, Pontiac Firebird. According to the information on the package, the models were made in Uruguay, but boxed in Argentina, and a sticker on the bottom of the model indicates the manufacturing country. Plastirama ceased production around 1986.

Ford Mustang
yellow, "Rompe Circuitos"; USA 1979
Plastirama (Uruguay), no. 11005
plastic, scale 1:40; acquired 2013
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