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Prefo was an East German manufacturer of tools, press moulds and toys, specialized in model railroad accessories and slot cars. The company came into business in 1952, when the former Schölz tool factory in Dresden was nationalized. Prefo mainly became known for a range of 1/32nd scale slot cars, which comprised a Melkus sports car and single seaters from East German racing series, but also models of Western prototypes (Chaparral 2D, Ferrari P5, Tyrrell P34). Some of these cars were also available as conventional model cars without motorization. Production definitely ceased in 1989, and the Prefo brand name disappeared after the German reunification. A new company named Prefo, now concentrating on the distribution of model railroad accessories, was founded in Beinstein, Baden-Württemberg, in 2003.

Melkus RS 1000
yellow; GDR 1969
Prefo (GDR), no. 00240
plastic, scale 1:32; acquired 2017
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