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Promod is a British model car shop based in Stafford, Staffordshire. The company was established in 1997 and offers a wide range of diecast and handbuilt models. In addition to many products by other manufacturers, some exclusive models made by Promod itself are available from the shop. The range consists of British postal and telecom vehicles, classic trucks and other commercial vehicles, and sports cars from the 1990s (Marcos Mantara, TVR Griffith). These models are made of white metal or resin in limited quantities. Cars and small vans are usually in 1/43rd scale, trucks in 1/50th or 1/64th scale. Furthermore, Promod continued production of Doug McHard's Somerville models for some years after his death in 2002 and revived the Ruby Toys brand in 2022. The company has also released conversions based on Corgi and Solido diecast models and has reissued several models by Budgie (Daimler DC 27, Wolseley 6/80, and a 1920s fire engine) by using the original moulds.

Bedford HA
van "Television Licence Investigation"; United Kingdom 1963
Promod (United Kingdom), no. PRO342
white metal, scale 1:43; acquired 2022
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Daimler DC 27
ambulance, London; United Kingdom 1946
Promod (United Kingdom), no. 105/01
diecast, scale 1:50; acquired 2022
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