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In December 2006,, a slot car racing centre in Uzwil in the Eastern part of Switzerland, released a 1/24th scale model of the Enzmann 506. The project had started almost one year earlier when Karl Enzmann, the son of the designer of the original car, contacted Hans Tschudin from because he wanted to sell his slot car racing track, and on this occasion he asked him if it would be possible to make a slot car model of the Enzmann roadster. The model has got an accurate body shell made of PET, like the slot cars manufactured in this scale by companies such as White Point. It is available either as a slot car or as a static model, and like the original car it is only made to order, so every buyer will get an exact copy of his favourite Enzmann car.

Enzmann 506
yellow; Switzerland 2001 (Switzerland)
PET, scale 1:24; acquired 2007
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