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Ribeirinho was founded in 1905 by Manuel Teixeira. The factory was located in Guimarães in northern Portugal and originally produced horn combs. After World War II, José Machado Teixeira, the son of Manuel Teixeira, started manufacturing cheap household articles and toys made of plastic. In the 1950s and 1960s, Ribierinho produced simple copies of Wiking models from Germany, notably VW Beetle and T1 bus in 1/40th scale, but also several models in about 1/87th scale. Later versions of the VW Beetle in 1/40th scale have no interior detail, and their wheels differ from those of the Wiking models. Furthermore, Ribeirinho issued a series of toy cars in 1/60th scale, which was very much based on contemporary Siku models. Toy production was stopped in the 1970s, and the factory closed down in 1992.

VW 1200
red; Germany 1949
Ribeirinho (Portugal)
plastic, scale 1:40; acquired 2022
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