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Immediatly after World War II, the Enzmann family, who owned a hotel and a garage in Schüpfheim in the Swiss canton of Lucerne, imported 60 Jeeps, modified them for civilian use and sold them to farmers in their region. One of the Enzmann brothers, Emil, who later became known for constructing his own sportscars on a VW chassis, designed a 1/17th scale model Jeep, and the family started producing the models from wood. From 1945 to 1949, about 700 items were made and available as kits or as finished models. A part of the assembled and painted models were sold to the official importers of Willys vehicles in Switzerland, the brothers Pierino and Giannetto Ambrosoli, who used them as promotional items. In 2011, Emil Enzmann's son Karl commissioned a re-edition of a limited number of assembled, but unpainted models under the name of Robs Jeep, named after one of his uncles. The models were made in Switzerland from Swiss wood, using the original tools.

Willys Jeep
USA 1945
Robs Jeep (Switzerland)
wood, scale 1:17; acquired 2015
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