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SR stands for Simon & Rivollet. This company from Paris, later known under the name of Rivollet Successeurs, started producing figurines and penny toys cast of lead in the late 19th century. Besides dollhouse equipment, carriages and early airplanes, the range also comprised small model cars with turning wheels, which were among the very first toys of this kind soon before World War I. The first of these models was a copy of the small limousine originally released by the Dowst company in Chicago (which would later be known under the name of Tootsietoy) in 1911. After Dowst had introduced a Ford T model in 1915, SR made its own model of the same car. This item was not an exact copy of the Dowst model, as it differed in various details and represented a post-1917 Ford with larger hood. With a length of 7.5 cm, it is one of the oldest European-made model cars in a scale close to 1/43rd. In the 1920s, various car, bus and truck models were added to the range, also of French prototypes. SR probably went out of business in the 1930s.

Ford T
gold; USA 1917
SR (France)
lead, scale 1:45; acquired 2015
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