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The first Israeli diecast cars in about 1/43rd scale were made in a kibbutz named Kfar Hanassi in the early 1960s and were marketed under the Gamda name. Kfar Hanassi received discarded moulds from the British brand River Series. Later Gamda was taken over by an Israeli concern called Koor, which was owned by the Histadrut, the Israeli trade union. The new company was called Koor Gamda and a new series was introduced in 1966, consisting of models of American cars of 1964-67 marketed under the name of Sabra. The Sabra series included one European car: the VW Beetle. There were 24 models in the series. In the USA the models were marketed under the "Detroit Senior" name by Cragstan, a New York based toy marketing and distribution firm specialized in importing mechanical and battery-operated toys from Japan and Hong Kong. Production of the Israeli diecast models ceased in 1975.

Plymouth Barracuda
Israeli taxi; USA 1964
Sabra (Israel), no. 8114
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2014
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