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The French company Salza was founded by Victor Salza in 1947 and remained in business until 1978. It became best known for miniature cyclists and other figurines related to the Tour de France, which were originally made of aluminium, later of plastic. In the 1950s and the 1960s, the range also included models of vehicles that took part in the cycling race in various scales between 1/32nd and 1/40th: Peugeot 203 and 404 assistance cars, Jeeps as used by the police and camera teams, Citroën HY ambulance bodied by Le Bastard, Peugeot D3A as an advertising vehicle and sweeper bus. The models are made of aluminium and rather crude.

Citroën HY Le Bastard
ambulance "Aspro", Tour de France; France 1957
Salza (France)
aluminium, scale 1:40; acquired 2019
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