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Samsung is a South Korean conglomerate corporation founded in 1938 and comprising numerous divisions in fields such as electronics, heavy industries, chemical industries, financial services and many more. The car division, Renault Samsung Motors, also offers 1/35th scale promotional models of Samsung cars. The actual manufacturer is not marked on these models, but the models of the 2004 and 2010 Samsung SM5 are made by Mica, a Korean company with production lines in China manufacturing diecast models in the style of Clover Toys and CM Toys products. Compared to the Samsung models released in Mica's own range, the promotional models are better detailed thanks to additional tampo printings for window surroundings and chrome lines, and they don't feature pull-back motors.

Samsung SM5
pearl white; South Korea 2010
Samsung (China), no. KP84200014
diecast, scale 1:35; acquired 2011
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