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Smer was founded in Prague in 1952. Until the 1980s the company manufactured many rather simple models of cars and commercial vehicles in various bigger and smaller scales. The first models were made of bakelite, later models were usually made of plastic, but there were also two small diecast truck models, a Praga V3S and a Tatra 138. Later, some re-editions of Rietze models of Japanese cars from the 1980s in 1/87th scale were added to the range. But since the mid-1970s, Smer has more and more concentrated on producing plastic model kits. Most of these kits are re-issues of older kits originally made by Western European manufacturers (Heller, Revell, Merit, Airfix, Artiplast), but a self-developed snap-together kit of a Skoda Favorit in 1/28th scale was also released.

Model manufacturer: Smer

  Skoda 706 RTO
bus, orange/white; Czech Republic 1958
Smer (Czech Republic)
plastic, scale 1:72; acquired 2018
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  Skoda Favorit
beige; Czech Republic 1988
Smer (Czech Republic), article no. OTK 101
plastic, scale 1:28; acquired 2009
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