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Stettnisch was a German manufacturer of model vehicles in various scales and materials. The company was based in Berlin and was in business in the 1980s and 1990s. In the beginning, it produced white metal copies of obsolete model cars by Tekno, Spot-On and other manufacturers in about 1/43rd scale, but soon it specialized into model buses in 1/87th scale. Most of these buses are handbuilt resin models, but Stettnisch also manufactured two Setra buses as plastic models in larger quantities and in various liveries. In addition, the company also offered a wide range of decals to customize 1/87th scale bus models by other manufacturers. There was a cooperation with I.M.U., another company from Berlin: Several 1/160th scale white metal models in the I.M.U. range were made by Stettnisch, and I.M.U. marketed some versions of the Setra plastic buses by Stettnisch under its own name. When I.M.U. went bankrupt in 1994, Stettnisch took over the production and distribution of the models for some more years.

Setra S 150 H
bus, white/red; Germany 1967
Stettnisch (Germany), no. 5000
plastic, scale 1:87; acquired 2021
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