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Sun Motor Company was a series of handbuilt models made by the model car shop Modelauto in Leeds, England, from 1983 to around 2012. Rod Ward, the owner of Modelauto, had also founded "Model Auto Review" magazine in 1982. The models were originally made of white metal, later cars are in resin. The range included classic cars in 1/43rd scale, as well as trucks and fire engines in 1/50th scale. Early models such as DeSoto Suburban and Bristol 450 were remakes based on AGM models made in England around 1980 by Geoff Moorhouse. Reproductions of handbuilt models from other manufacturers and obsolete toy cars, conversions based on industrially produced diecast models, as well as some original designs followed. In the course of time, Modelauto introduced several sub-ranges: Rapide (classic cars in 1/43rd scale) and Bugattiana (Bugatti models) in 1991, Bijou (oddball vehicles and transkits) in 1998. After the creation of the Rapide brand for the car models, the Sun Motor Company name was mainly used for models of commercial and emergency vehicles. The models were also available in kit form. They were gradually phased out in the first decade of the 21st century, when industrial manufacturers expanded their ranges of collectible models and sold the same subjects previously only existing as expensive handbuilt models at much cheaper prices.

Bristol 450
Le Mans, race number 34, Keen/Line; United Kingdom 1954
Sun Motor Company (United Kingdom), no. 102
white metal, scale 1:43; acquired 2021
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