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Suzuki is one of the most common family names in Japan. Besides the well-known car and motorbike maker, there was also a Japanese toy manufacturer who marketed products under this name. The company was in business from the 1950s to the 1970s and originally produced tinplate toys, notably tricycles with drivers and other figurines with clockwork, as well as small tinplate cars. Around 1970, Suzuki introduced the "Mini Racing Car Series" consisting of eight contemporary racing cars in about 1/48th scale: Nissan R382, Toyota 7, McLaren M17, Porsche 917K and 917/10, Ferrari 312 P, Lola T292, March-BMW. The models feature plastic bodies and a wind-up mechanism which can be activated by turning a button on the chassis by means of a coin. They were sold individually, but also all together in a set.

Nissan R382
yellow, race number 3; Japan 1969
Suzuki (Japan)
plastic, scale 1:48; acquired 2021
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