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In the late 1990s, the British company TAG Precision Models released a 1/18th scale model of the Lamborghini Diablo SE 30 in the livery of a Northamptonshire County police car limited to 500 items, as well as several gold and chrome plated models of contemporary sports cars (Porsche 911, Ferrari F50, BMW 850i, Jaguar XJ220, McLaren F1) in the same scale. All these models were based around Maisto products, and the components were bought unassembled directly from Maisto. The decals and roof lights of the police cars were manufactured in England as was the painting and assembly. However, production already ceased after a short time because the distributor of the models, a company called Gwilo International, went into liquidation in 2001.

Lamborghini Diablo SE 30
UK police (Northamptonshire); Italy 1994
TAG Precision Models (United Kingdom)
diecast, scale 1:18; acquired 2004
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