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The Japanese toy manufacturer Takara was founded in Tokyo in 1955 and taken over by Tomy, maker of the Tomica models, in 2006. In the field of model vehicles, the company became best known for its Choro-Q series (small-scale caricatures of contemporary and classic cars, whose squeezed proportions make them looking "cute") introduced in the late 1970s, and the Takara Silhouette range (1/80th scale plastic models of contemporary Japanese sports cars) introduced in 1982. However, Takara also released vehicle models in other ranges, notably the Soviet lunar rover Lunokhod 1 in the "World Space Museum" series from 2006.

Lunokhod 1
Luna 17 mission; Russia 1970
Takara (China), no. WSM-04
plastic, scale 1:72; acquired 2019
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