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Togi was founded by Tonino Lorenzini in Milan in 1957. The first two models of the company were generic racing cars, but Lorenzini, who had previously worked for Alfa Romeo, soon concentrated on heavy diecast models of Alfa Romeo cars in the uncommon 1/23rd scale. From the late 1950s to the mid-1970s, he released contemporary models such as Giulietta Sprint, Giulietta SS, Giulia Berlina, Giulia GT, 2600 Sprint, Spider Duetto, Carabo, Montreal, 2000 Berlina and Alfasud, but also the 159 racing car from 1951. A 6C 1750 from the 1930s and, as the only car by another make, a 1922 Lancia Lambda followed in 1977, and a Giulietta Spider was added to the range in 1983. The last newly-developed model, an Alfa Romeo 164, was introduced in 1990. The older models have up to 95 percent of the parts made of metal, and the wheels can be demounted. Most models also have moving parts. In 1995, the founder sold the company to Alberto Lanzani, who had previously manufactured metal parts for Togi. Lanzani's company Fongaltogi continued to produce the models in small numbers.

Alfa Romeo 164
red; Italy 1987
Togi (Italy), no. 2313/89
diecast, scale 1:23; acquired 2022
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