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Besides their main range of Classic American cars, the Brooklin company from Bath (England), one of the leading manufacturers of handbuilt white metal models in 1/43rd scale, have released various sub-ranges since the 1980s, e.g. Lansdowne (British cars) and RobEddie (Swedish cars). Another range, U.S. Model Mint, was first launched in 1992. Classic American commercial vehicles are marketed under this brand name, ranging from small vans and pick-ups to trucks with semi-trailers. The range also includes some passenger cars, e.g. a small 1951 Crosley Station Wagon and a 1969 Plymouth Fury GTX.

Crosley Super Station Wagon
bluish green; USA 1951
U.S. Model Mint (United Kingdom), no. US-18A
white metal, scale 1:43; acquired 1999
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